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5 Basic Tips to Help With SEO

on Friday, 16 December 2016. Posted in Search Engine Optimisation, General

5 Basic Tips to Help With SEO

For many years, backlinks have dominated almost every conversation about SEO. While the importance of backlinking cannot be ignored, they are not the only elements to consider. Good onpage optimization is also vital, with a greater focus on content taking precedent in recent years. Here are 5 basic tips anyone can do to help build their online visibility for 2017.

Facebook Directories

Written by Kaylene Moore on Thursday, 20 October 2016. Posted in Social Media, General

Facebook's Search Functions

Facebook Directories

Find what you need using Facebook. Facebook's directory service allows you to search for towns, cities, or professional services. Once you've found them you can see their reviews, visit their Facebook page, message that business or contact them directly. 

What will you be searching for?

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