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Website Development Portfolio

We have selected a few websites from our portfolio from different investment levels to give you an idea of what is possible. Get in touch if you would like to see our full portfolio of work.  Click on the images below to see live websites: 1. Low Cost "Starter" Websites2. "Standard" Websites3. "Creative" Websites Please note that our clients change their own sites over time so the website may not look exactly like it did when delivered. Eg. text or images changes etc ...

October 20, 2021

Website Widgets Available

We can help you install many fantastic widgets on your website to inprove functionaily and customer service. Ask about our online chat feature - it is one of the most popular! Take a look at all of the different widgets available below and set them up yourself (many are free!) or contact KMDM support to take care of it for you. ...

August 1, 2021

Reputation Mangement - Why Reviews Are So Important

Reviews are everywhere and people read them! They are the written form of influencer marketing and a modern-day infomercial, and everyone plays a part. The simple truth is that ratings and reviews will always affect consumers.  But the choice you need to make, as a business and as a consumer, is to decide how you’re going to make ratings work for you. Let's think about how more reviews could help you... they help customers decide on your product or servicethey prove that you are cred...

May 10, 2021

Lead Manager Login

KMDM customers and collaborators can login to our lead and project management dashboard here!...

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