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Facebook Directories

Written by Kaylene Moore on Thursday, 20 October 2016. Posted in Social Media, General

Facebook's Search Functions

Facebook Directories

Facebook is has become an online powerhouse. With 1.71 billion active users, it's no wonder that Facebook has expanded it's reach and is trying to provide services outside of it's original social media platform.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat, someone to do your gardens, an electrician, or an any other professional service you can find it on Facebook. Facebook's directory services can be found either by searching for the specific town, city or professional service using the search bar at the top of your Facebook News Feed or by visiting facebook.com/places or facebook.com/services. The only downside to this new service is that, currently it hasn't been integrated into the search  App. To use the directory services in Facebook at the moment, you have to be using a P.C. whether that's your desktop or laptop.
The results are automatically pulled through using a algorithm. It creates a page that pulls in previews of business Facebook pages in that area, related to the service, town or city you're looking for.

For "Places" this means that when you search for Havelock North, New Zealand, Facebook finds all the Restaurants, Sights to see , hotels and shops together to makes it convenient for you to find everything you need in Havelock North.

Facebook Places

Services work in a similar way, pulling though the services based on category chosen when they created their business page. How ever this gives you the option to edit the results based on if friends have visited, the businesses open hours, price and features. It also displays the results in a map, so you can find the option you need based on location. Lastly it gives you the option to explore that town.

Facebook Services

So how do you get your business to show up?

Firstly make sure that your business page is listed in the correct category and accurately describes what your business does. The more information your page offers in the "About Page" section the more accurately Facebook can tag it.

Get Facebook reviews. The better your reviews and the more you have, the better you'll rank and the higher your business will show up in the results. Also add updates to your Facebook page regularly, this will help your chances of a customer staying on your Facebook page once they've found it.

So there you have it, you can now use Facebook as a directory to find any professional services in your area. Assuming that those services have a Facebook page that is correctly set up. If your not sure about how to make sure your Facebook is correctly set up and heading in the right direction to be listed, give us a call.

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