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Google My Business Posts

on Monday, 22 January 2018. Posted in Online Marketing, General

How to use Google Posts

Google My Business Posts

The online world is always changing, and Google is definitely no exception. Did you know that you can now share products, events, and services directly in Google Search?

Google Posts are now available and the content will appear in both Google search and in maps. These posts are great for promoting content to your customers and can be managed inside of your Google My Business account.

Is your Google My Business listing fully optimised?

Sort Your Google Business Listing

Written by Kaylene Moore on Tuesday, 11 June 2013. Posted in Search Engine Optimisation, General

How Business listings Are Generated By Google

Sort Your Google Business Listing

As usual the MOZ Blog had a great item last week on Whiteboard Friday. We normally take care of setting this information up in Google for our customers but there is no reason you cannot tackle this on your own. But before you do, watch this video as it explains the process Google uses to create business listings. It's a cracker...

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