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How To Use Facebook Notes On Your Business Page

Written by Kaylene Moore on Thursday, 08 September 2016. Posted in Social Media, General

What Is It And Why You Should Use It!

How To Use Facebook Notes On Your Business Page

I think Facebook Notes rock, and amazingly most people do not know they exist. In this post you’ll learn how to create a Facebook Note, and how to use them for your business.

What is Facebook Notes?

Facebook Notes essentially allows you to ‘blog’ within the Facebook platform itself.  Notes was first released as an extension way back in 2006 (this is one of the first such Notes) when you were limited to just 160 characters for a status update.

Facebook Notes is just one way of introducing new and bolder ways for Facebook to hold onto their users for as long as possible without them having to go to another online platform.  Eg your website, and website blog, or other social networks. Facebook Notes offers a solution for many "Pages" who do not have a blogging option available to them. Eg Real Estate agents and Franchises often do not have any control of websites managed by head office. Facebook Notes provides another option to these professionals to build their online authority in their specialist field.

.How To Use Facebook Notes For Your Business

1. Go to Settings for your Page


2.  Click on Apps


3. Click the Add App button for the Notes App

add facebook notes app

4. Back on your Page, you’ll then see Notes on the menu as shown – click it to enter the Notes App


5. Click the Add Note button

Facebook note button

6.  You’ll then see something like the following. 

add facebook note

Add a photo to the top. The ideal dimensions are 1200 pixels wide by 445 pixels high. You can reposition it, but it will resize automatically to fill the space.

Facebook note header image

7. Enter the title & Content

You then need to enter the title and actual content. I've thrown in some simple text to give you the idea. You can write fresh content, or use content from another source and just copy and paste. But beware! Google does not look kindly on lots of duplicate content from other sites so make sure you reference the original source if you are doing a copy and paste.  

Formatting features for Notes

Facebook Notes gives you various formatting features you can use to display your content to best effect.

notes formatting

You can either add an existing image or upload a new one 

add image facebook note

add photo note

Images can be left-, center-, or right-aligned as required by simply hovering over the image as shown. You can also add captions for images as required.

align image in note

You can also resize images by dragging on the bar that appears on the right or left of the image when hovering:

resize image in note

Add links by simply highlighting the words you want to link as shown:

link from note

URLs will link through automatically.

8. Once you’re done, click the Publish button at the bottom.

You’ll get a confirmation of publication and the Note will appear directly in the timeline for your Page. Once published, the Note appears directly in your timeline. It’s unclear at present whether Facebook is giving Notes more, less or the same organic exposure to your fan base. It will be interesting to find out over time. Either way, the ability to Boost the Note via Facebook’s advertising to give it more exposure was for some reason unavailable at the time of writing. 

You’ll also find new Notes appearing in the sidebar of your Page, giving them potentially more exposure over time than standard status updates, as well as more depth and authority to the Page itself.

Some Tips

1. You can enter as many Notes as you like and save them as a draft. For example, you might like to save time by batching up and entering a few Notes at once, publishing at a later time. You can’t forward-schedule publication, so would have to return and publish it manually.

2. Link back from within the Note to other content such as on your blog. This type of long-form content gives you plenty of opportunity to encourage readers back to your site, so take full advantage. For example, link from words within the article, and then suggest other related content on your blog that readers might like to view.

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